Preparing Executive Summary for Crisis Management

Executive summary is a major document which is prepared by the senior leadership of the company. Detailed strategic response guidance is provided by executive summary for executives while managing the catastrophic incident. The crisis management plan creates a structure and a process in order to integrate executives with managerial and operational resources. The framework is also provided by executive summary in order to give efficient and timely collaboration between several stack holders of the company. The collaboration is ensured between executive leaders, subject matter experts, business leaders and their organizations and staff department leaders and their teams.

The crisis management place integrates all the resources of the company and also support with the help of plans which are needed for emergency response, people supports, crisis communication, business continuity and other plans responses.

A crisis management process guardian is very important for the crisis management and its duty will be to over the planning of crisis management, to perform the verification of the response process which are defined in the plans and to audit the accuracy of the response organization.

The plan is made in order to:

  1. Protect the important assets of the company such as property, knowledge etc.
  2. Create all supporting tools for an organization and all those equipment and process in order to respond to any incident such as facility disaster, failures of information technology, quality of performance failures, natural disasters, public health disasters etc effectively

The crisis management plan is divided into three main parts. The first part is a response guide. The response guide is designed to provide all the actions in details which have been customized for each executive. Such actions can be used in the case of any crisis. It also defines the control protocols to engage the employees of the company to respond to the crisis in an organized way. This part also define all those processes which are required to prioritize the actions and al those plans are also created which are required for priority actions.

The second part is known as program description which purpose is to provide the complete documentation of the program for external audience such as investors, insurers etc in order to gain agreement on how the company is intended to prepare and respond to the incident is also ensured through the program description part.

All the list of supporting plans which includes plans for departments are included in the third part. It also includes all the policies, principles, and missions which are needed to help in aligning the crisis response. It also provides the guidance for decision making process based on principles.  This part defines the roles and responsibilities for executives and their organizations and creates an authority level. At high level, all the guidance related to operation, facilities, equipment are all described. In order to activate a trained response organization during the confusing and hard events, commands and control protocols are created at the high level. These hard events may be associated with several events.


Photo Based Brochure Designing Guidelines

Brochures are prepared to advertise for something. Most of the people find brochures very boring and they don’t bother to see them again. The main reason of the failure of the brochure is the dull and boring design of the brochure. a brochure which contains a lot of text, will not be given any attention as audience of the brochure do not want to read the text given in the brochure. Brochure with pictures is very successful in seeking the attention of the audience as a picture can convey the message very easily and quickly to the target audience.

Photo based brochure solves the problem of the people and gives all the answers to the questions which a reader can have in his mind. For example, if a brochure is advertising for a school, then a person might want to see the internal picture of the school. If some snaps taken from the inside of the school are added in the brochure, then it will attract the people and they will respond to that brochure.

Always use the big pictures in the brochure. People in the pictures should be looking happy so that the reader can feel the positive effects of the product which has been advertised in the brochure. Do not use the sad pictures or the pictures of the people who are in pain. This will make a brochure very passive and there will be no attention of the audience.

It is not only the size of the picture which matters, but it is the quality of the picture. Try to use the pictures with high resolution on a paper of high quality. This will also enhance the readability of the brochure. The colour combination of the picture should also be chosen very wisely. If the background of the brochure is blue, the picture’s background should be taken in such a colour that can complement the blue colour of the background.

The pictures used in the brochure should be creative and original. Do not use any such picture, which has already been used many times by different products. An old picture will make your product look old and fake. The logo of the company must also be mentioned on the brochure. This will ensure that the brochure is real.

It is not necessary to use a square shaped photo in the brochure. the photo in any shape can be used in the brochure. The colours of the pictures also depend on the kind of brochure. For example, if you are preparing a brochure for a toy shop, then it requires being more colourful so that children can like it.

If your brochure is purely photo based, then you can hire a good designer for designing your brochure. The designer should also have high quality of knowledge and experience about designing the picture based brochure.

If you have set of pictures to be used on the brochure, then use a most attractive picture on the cover of the brochure so that it can compel the people to look inside the brochure.

Events Invitation Ideas

Events are commonly called as or can be taken as occasions, occasion’s points out the gathering of people. These events can be arranged anywhere with the fascinating ideas and for such purpose, there should be some planner who arranges the events and invitations too. With the life as it goes on, there come lots of events in the search of which one always remains. These events should come or these events should be arranged to refresh the mind as well happiness of the soul. What kind of events can be arranged? Their ideas are as follows;

  • There can be a ceremony, it can be the event of ritual significance based on some occasions
  • There can be an event of the convention; a convention is a meeting, a meeting of those individuals whose interests are common.
  • Event managements where events can be managed.
  • An event can be a festival, which includes all the community to celebrate for something.
  • There can be a happening, which depends upon some artistic theme.
  • There can be a media event; these events are arranged for the purpose of publicity.
  • An event can be a party; this party can be some birthday party or other fun loaded gathering of surroundings and friends or family members.
  • There can be events of sports; where some athletic competitions can take place as this event requires a huge management scheme.
  • A family celebration or gathering can be an event.

This is obvious that for arranging some event whether it is a birthday event or high scale wedding; there is need of creativity every time to arrange creative invitations as events are the best source of gatherings and invitations are always the best to the source of communicating one’s guests. To give the guests best mood of attending the event or the party you are throwing depends upon the invite sets. As we all know that this is a world of technology but invites in the hands received are much more interesting. An invite should be eye catching.

So, what the event is going to celebrate or what all about the party is, depends upon the invitation and best invitation based on some ideas and templates. Before the creation of invites, some points should be in mind that invite should be very obvious and clear so that it is legible. These points are;

  • Always right the name of the host; if the event is of the birthday party of some child the then name of elder or parents can be written.
  • What is the celebration about? Whether a graduation party, wedding, birthday or something else.
  • Time and date are two most important aspects of any event, punctuality is necessary.
  • Obvious the location.
  • RSVP; to inform your guests about further timings and reception to see you.
  • Can guests bring guests with them? This point should be clear.
  • Instruct the guests before the event, if there are some special instructions.

Everything should be very clear and check the invite after written twice. Also, check before sending that you are sending to the person.

Black and White Flyer Design Guidelines

Use of flyers has been in practice since advent of machine age. This was a far more accurate and effective mean of getting your message along to a larger audience. Back then flyers were being made by printing press, however in modern era digital printing and computer software packages have contributed extensively toward better flyers. The modern day flyer is anything but what its ancestors were. However, those black and white flyers still represent the rich tradition and are still being widely used. Even today some entities and individuals prefer back and white flyers due to their charm and adequacy in a number of circumstances. Services of professionals in this regard can prove to be very helpful as we have limited choice of colors. The aim is to get noticed, and no one said it could only be done with colors. Yes, you read me right, people usually do not regard black and white as a color when it comes to print and electronic media. Your flyer must be clear enough in its objective so as to let the intended user go in accordance with your planned course of action. In this case, use of top and bottom space is extremely important. At the same time large fonts and prime spaces on the flyers are to be used only for the information and ideas you want to highlight the most. As here in this case we do not have colors to support us in highlighting information.

Generally, your flyer must be very clear as to what it has got to offer to the audience. For example, it should be clear whether it will help them lose an extra pound or help in learning a foreign language. If you are offering discounts or special offers, you might want to highlight with large fonts or text boxes etc. Images may still be used to our aid. It’s always a good idea to add images to your flyers. However, these images must be such that the targeted audience can relate themselves to it. For example, if you’re offering chines cuisine, placing pictures of Chinese monument or designs will definitely help a lot. Yet all this information cannot be simply added to the flyers without arranging them into coherent order. Using attractive words that leave a mark on our mind and compel us to repeat them is always a good idea.

Although it is a generally held belief that colored flyers are better than black and white flyers, it is never easy to decide in favor of single one. As latter has proved its worth in a number of circumstances for example Nazi propaganda was effectively countered by Allied forces in Russia by use of black and white flyers. These colors, black and white, are symbolic in so many ways. Creating a theme and sticking to it throughout the flyer makes it more effective. The use of images should be in accord with the theme and object of the flyer. Distributing flyers is the second most important task once we are done with the design of the flyer. Usually there is a choice in the selection of colored paper but black and white flyers are more appropriate than the printing on the colored paper. Question arises as to the set of circumstances where black and white flyers are more effective and appropriate than the colored ones. We must say “it all depends”. As this choice largely depends on a variety of factors like a need for professional touch, need for symbolizing sophistication and tact. At the same time the most commonly known reason for the use of these flyers is to save costs. New businesses and entrepreneurs usually prefer these flyers along with the same set of choice for the product itself.


Tourism gift certificate is designed for the tourist who visits different places. The tourism gift can be a perfect gift for someone. These gift certificates can be used by the person for purchasing the tickets, accommodations, meals and entire vacation packages. So, if you want to make your friends or family enjoy their holidays and avail different holiday packages, the tourism gift certificate can be the best gift for them. They can enjoy using this certificate and it can be a memorable gift for them for whole life. You can design the gift of your choice if you don’t want to get the already prepared gift certificates from the internet. The gift certificate can be sent to the person by post or email.

There are many designs available for the tourism gift certificates. you can choose any one of them to make your own gift certificate. Here are few guidelines which can help you in preparing the gift certificate for your friends and family.

  1. Paper material selection:

Before you start designing the gift certificate, you are required to choose the paper material that can fit suitably for your certificate. The paper materials are of different types available in the market but the best material can be the card board which gives enough thickness to your certificate.

  1. Design of the certificate:

After choosing the paper material, the person has to choose the design of the certificate. This can be the most complex task that a person has to do. The design should be decent and it should be in accordance with the certificate related to the tourism. The design of the certificate includes the background colour and style of the certificate and the theme. You should choose all the elements of the design wisely.

  1. Text of the certificate:

The text of every kind of gift certificate is the most important part. Without text, the certificate will be considered to be incomplete. The few important things to be added in the text of the certificate are the name of the company, the logo of the company and the address. The title of the certificate should also be mentioned in the certificate. The title is very important to be mentioned because without title, the certificate will be of no use. After writing all the introductory elements in the certificate, few key elements to be added in the certificate are the name of the recipient, the name of the sender and the description of the certificate. The description of the certificate includes the information about the tourism certificate and also the reason for which the certificate is being awarded.

Keep that in mind that the certificate must be signed by the sender of the tourism gift certificate. There should be a space left for the signatures and also for the contact information of the sender such as his phone number, email address etc. the terms and conditions for the certificate should also be added on the left side of it.