Black and White Flyer Design Guidelines

Use of flyers has been in practice since advent of machine age. This was a far more accurate and effective mean of getting your message along to a larger audience. Back then flyers were being made by printing press, however in modern era digital printing and computer software packages have contributed extensively toward better flyers. The modern day flyer is anything but what its ancestors were. However, those black and white flyers still represent the rich tradition and are still being widely used. Even today some entities and individuals prefer back and white flyers due to their charm and adequacy in a number of circumstances. Services of professionals in this regard can prove to be very helpful as we have limited choice of colors. The aim is to get noticed, and no one said it could only be done with colors. Yes, you read me right, people usually do not regard black and white as a color when it comes to print and electronic media. Your flyer must be clear enough in its objective so as to let the intended user go in accordance with your planned course of action. In this case, use of top and bottom space is extremely important. At the same time large fonts and prime spaces on the flyers are to be used only for the information and ideas you want to highlight the most. As here in this case we do not have colors to support us in highlighting information.

Generally, your flyer must be very clear as to what it has got to offer to the audience. For example, it should be clear whether it will help them lose an extra pound or help in learning a foreign language. If you are offering discounts or special offers, you might want to highlight with large fonts or text boxes etc. Images may still be used to our aid. It’s always a good idea to add images to your flyers. However, these images must be such that the targeted audience can relate themselves to it. For example, if you’re offering chines cuisine, placing pictures of Chinese monument or designs will definitely help a lot. Yet all this information cannot be simply added to the flyers without arranging them into coherent order. Using attractive words that leave a mark on our mind and compel us to repeat them is always a good idea.

Although it is a generally held belief that colored flyers are better than black and white flyers, it is never easy to decide in favor of single one. As latter has proved its worth in a number of circumstances for example Nazi propaganda was effectively countered by Allied forces in Russia by use of black and white flyers. These colors, black and white, are symbolic in so many ways. Creating a theme and sticking to it throughout the flyer makes it more effective. The use of images should be in accord with the theme and object of the flyer. Distributing flyers is the second most important task once we are done with the design of the flyer. Usually there is a choice in the selection of colored paper but black and white flyers are more appropriate than the printing on the colored paper. Question arises as to the set of circumstances where black and white flyers are more effective and appropriate than the colored ones. We must say “it all depends”. As this choice largely depends on a variety of factors like a need for professional touch, need for symbolizing sophistication and tact. At the same time the most commonly known reason for the use of these flyers is to save costs. New businesses and entrepreneurs usually prefer these flyers along with the same set of choice for the product itself.