Photo Based Brochure Designing Guidelines

Brochures are prepared to advertise for something. Most of the people find brochures very boring and they don’t bother to see them again. The main reason of the failure of the brochure is the dull and boring design of the brochure. a brochure which contains a lot of text, will not be given any attention as audience of the brochure do not want to read the text given in the brochure. Brochure with pictures is very successful in seeking the attention of the audience as a picture can convey the message very easily and quickly to the target audience.

Photo based brochure solves the problem of the people and gives all the answers to the questions which a reader can have in his mind. For example, if a brochure is advertising for a school, then a person might want to see the internal picture of the school. If some snaps taken from the inside of the school are added in the brochure, then it will attract the people and they will respond to that brochure.

Always use the big pictures in the brochure. People in the pictures should be looking happy so that the reader can feel the positive effects of the product which has been advertised in the brochure. Do not use the sad pictures or the pictures of the people who are in pain. This will make a brochure very passive and there will be no attention of the audience.

It is not only the size of the picture which matters, but it is the quality of the picture. Try to use the pictures with high resolution on a paper of high quality. This will also enhance the readability of the brochure. The colour combination of the picture should also be chosen very wisely. If the background of the brochure is blue, the picture’s background should be taken in such a colour that can complement the blue colour of the background.

The pictures used in the brochure should be creative and original. Do not use any such picture, which has already been used many times by different products. An old picture will make your product look old and fake. The logo of the company must also be mentioned on the brochure. This will ensure that the brochure is real.

It is not necessary to use a square shaped photo in the brochure. the photo in any shape can be used in the brochure. The colours of the pictures also depend on the kind of brochure. For example, if you are preparing a brochure for a toy shop, then it requires being more colourful so that children can like it.

If your brochure is purely photo based, then you can hire a good designer for designing your brochure. The designer should also have high quality of knowledge and experience about designing the picture based brochure.

If you have set of pictures to be used on the brochure, then use a most attractive picture on the cover of the brochure so that it can compel the people to look inside the brochure.